Can GPS Tracking Reduce Asthma Attacks?

Can GPS Tracking Reduce Asthma Attacks?

Asthmapolis, a new device notes when and where you use your inhaler, so you can create a map of when and where it’s hardest to breathe.

A small sensor that attaches to the top of user’s inhaler tracks the exact time and location when it is used. An example of a good use of data to aid health monitoring and prevention.

The data collected allow users to track the factors that may have triggered them to use the inhaler and to track how often they use it. All information can be downloaded into their smartphones.

On a global perspective, a personalized map shows hotspots where people use their inhaler most often, and text messages can remind them to take their daily anti-inflammatory medication.

“Giving patients better tools to monitor their conditions will help them lead healthier lives.”



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