Check out, an online social health network that collects data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to show what illnesses are going around your area. Sickweather forecasts and maps sickness.

The most important Sickweather feature is the map, which displays the illnesses going around your local area. The map can also zoom out to show what’s happening around the country.
So how does this all work?

Sickweather tracks keywords on social networks like “pneumonia” and “flu” to monitor where symptoms are showing up in the country. The site also gives users the option of mining their own Facebook feed to see which friends are sick.

Sickweather is a good example of how Data is Mined, Analyzed, Visualized and then put into good USE. With the huge amount of data social networks is providing, big data can be used to understand consumer feedback, preferences and tailor them for better experiences.


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