Current Available Data Sources

Just to share some sources where you can get current available data.


Provides publicly-available data published by the government and a list of applications developed using government data, as well as a resource page for developers.


More data here sharing Map, Traffic, Tourism, Environment and Library Related Data.



2) TraffiCam SG

iPhone Screenshot 1

Trafficam SG provides updated access to webcams in all the key traffic hotspots in Singapore. Data is sourced directly from LTA.



  • Public Transport Related
    • Bus Route
    • Bus Service Info
    • Park & Ride Locations
    • Premimum Bus Route
  • Traffic Related
    • Carpark Lots Availability
    • Carpark Rates
    • Traffic Images
    • Traffic Information
  • Geospatial
    • Bus Stop Location
    • LTA Arrow Marking
    • LTA Bollard
    • LTA Control Box
    • LTA Convex Mirror
  • Facts & Figures
    • Age Distribution of Motor Vehicles
    • Annual Motor Vehicle Population
    • Annual Vehicle Inspection

4) Department of Statistics Singapore




More data here


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