Crowd Display in MRT

MRT rush hour crowds is a huge issue in Singapore. To better facilitate the crowd during peak hours, train operators can provide early information of the crowd in a train just minutes before it arrives at a station. One example would be to place weight or pressure sensors on the floor of the cabin to detect the amount of people in a particular cabin. By using floor light indicators and time displays, stations can better inform passengers to move to an emptier cabin or wait for an emptier train, thus spreading out the crowd better.

Floor flashes in red indicating that this particular cabin of the approaching train would be very packed, suggesting to passengers to wait at an emptier cabin.


Time travel displays also indicate the Crowd Level of the approaching train, suggesting to passengers to take the emptier train.


A concept by team 1: Gracia, Afzal, Kiera, Vick, Ivan, Min Hwe



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